Isekaicon is looking for some incredible people to join our volunteer team. Running a two-day convention is no easy feat, and we couldn’t make this convention happen without your help. So if you have the time, please consider volunteering at IsekaiCon 2020!

IsekaiCon could not run without the valuable help of our volunteer team. As a thank you for volunteering your time to the convention we would like to offer all volunteers the following:



What does a Volunteer do overall?

★ Supports the flow of the convention
★ Moderates the Discord, panels, and/or anime showings during the convention

We are currently looking for individuals who are available to moderate different aspects of the convention during the days of July 17th and 18th. While we hope that you will consider volunteering at least 3 hours of your time, even volunteering for a single hour helps us run IsekaiCon!

All shifts will be in 1 hour increments, so you will be able to pick and choose which times work best for your schedule as well as which roles you are best suited for.

Volunteer Roles Available

Panel Moderators – Panel Moderators help moderate the twitch chat and prepare panelists
for their panel. They may also set up twitch and make sure that the twitch feed runs uninterrupted during the duration of the panel.

Discord Chat Moderators – Discord Moderators will be moderating the open chat spaces, as well as exhibitor chats on the IsekaiCon Discord server during the duration of the convention. This role serves in an On-Call capacity, so if an attendee or an exhibitor is experiencing any trouble, they can contact the on call Discord Moderator for assistance.

Anime Streaming Moderators – Anime Moderators will use the IsekaiCon Crunchy Roll account to help run the curated anime stream through Umi Party and moderate the Umi Party chat through Discord.

Zoom Meet Up Room Moderators – Zoom Room Moderators will moderate the Meet Up Zoom Rooms and begin the zoom meetings, reside over the discussions and make sure all participants are abiding by both our and Zoom’s guidelines.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email!