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Mx. Ever Wolfsbane

/ˈmɪks/ - Genderfluid (they/he pronouns)

Hi! This is Ever and welcome to my mockup of what I hope the artist pages to look like. This is just a rough template and things are bound to change, but I hope to keep the overall concept the same.


Artist Bio

This Background will be customizable

Artist choice of photo. Meant to replicate the feel of a print wall

But artists will be able to put anything up here (within reason). It just needs to be an image.

You can also make it link back to a product.

MxWolfsbane Creations

Artists will have the option to choose a livestream, chat, or another photo to be the center of their page

Livestream, chat, or additional photo

Ideas for other things to put up here: commission prices

Decoration for your chat, livestream, etc.