In the Spring of 2020, a global pandemic took hold of the world. Life as we know it turned upside-down, and the lives of people throughout the globe were tremendously affected. Among these people, artists and vendors – who rely on in-person conventions to bring them necessary income – were one of the groups affected the most. Many artists were unsure where their next paycheck would come from.

IsekaiCon started as a humble concept to solve this problem, originating as an concept to be realized by a couple friends of the founder. The idea was to host a website that enveloped the feel of a traditional artist alley. To the founder’s surprise, the idea was a popular one and garnered the response of over 200 interested individuals. Here we are as a team now to bring this concept to life in the best form that it can be.


IsekaiCon aims to embrace innovation and creativity to plan, organize, and operate a virtual convention for creators and the supporters of creative work.

Additionally, we want to advocate the value and importance of the arts by promoting artists, creators, and other small businesses.

We hope to create a fun environment for people to gather, while promoting accessibility, for those who can’t attend in-person conventions, for whatever the reason.