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An Apology from the Founder

After careful consideration, we have decided to close our mascot contest to the public. At IsekaiCon, part of our mission is to advocate the value and importance of the arts and the people who create them. It was not our intention to create a forum to accept speculative work.
We want to value the time of all artists, and spec work can be exploitative, so we understand your concern and even disappointment in us.

Upon hearing your critiques, we began looking for ways to compensate every entrant, no matter if they win or not. Some ideas were a discount on our booth fees, con merchandise, or an early bird link for purchasing a booth when they are available. Still, I was unsure these would be satisfactory, due to our status as a brand new convention in the process of development. It was then that I decided to close the contest to the public, and keep it within our volunteer team and a select few.

We remain committed to supporting artists, especially during this difficult time, and I deeply apologize for this mistake.

- Ever Wolfsbane, founder of IsekaiCon

Until next time!

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