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Hello and welcome to IsekaiCon's newsletter!

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What's New

The Team is currently in the process of building the virtual world for the convention. Along with this comes the improvement of our main website. It now contains more information regarding exhibitor applications, panel applications, sponsorship, and more.

Visit our improved website here!


Additionally, the mock-up of the exhibitor alley marketplace has also been made and can be viewed here.

Each exhibitor will have an artist card featuring their profile picture, four featured images of their choices, their shop name, and shop description. Each artist card will be decorated inspired by 8-bit RPG elements - something similar to the pixel art roofs shown now.


We are extending convention one day longer!

The convention will now be held July 17 - 18

We are also NOT putting a cap on exhibitor alley applicants, so feel free to apply at any time between May 1st - May 8th

Exhibitor and Panelist Applications Open May 1st, 12 PM EST

Applications will close May 8th 11:59 PM EST


Next week, IsekaiCon will be hosting a mascot contest! Rules and guidelines are to be explained in the next newsletter, but the winner will be awarded a free virtual booth.

This is a good way to get involved with the convention if you would like to help bring our vision to life. The mascot will be used in promotional material as well as some convention merchandise, like coloring sheets that will be name-your-price to download.

Until next time!

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