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Hello and welcome to IsekaiCon's Main Newsletter!

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What's New

Thank you to those that took part in the date poll. We now have a date!

IsekaiCon will be held on July 17th

Operating hours are soon to come, as we figure out the best timing to include multiple time-zones.

We have also begun selecting our team. Please welcome the following individuals!:

Stephanie G. as a Core Organizer
Katherine G. as a Floater Volunteer
Laurel K. as an Art and Vending Volunteer
And Nicole M., Matt W., and Relena L. as Developers



Our Focus

As a convention, we would like to focus of supporting our artists and vendors, and having a selection of informative panels running throughout the day, in addition to various opportunities for attendees to connect with each other and artists.

Artists and Vendors

We've been talking to our developers, and we've decided to simplify the artist alley just a bit. Instead of running mini-shops on the website itself, we will be linking listed products on the site to each artists' off-site product listing. This is to ensure that things run more smoothly and release some extra burden of being responsible for all the sales through the site.

And I know a lot of you have been waiting for this...

Artists, Vendors, and Panelist applications will be held May 1 through May 8, with a cap of 100 applicants.

We will be accepting a max of 50 artists for our convention.

More details coming soon - Stay tuned!


The next step in this process is to start solidifying details and plans, and then start spreading the word! We have scheduled social media posts on all of our platforms for today at 1PM CST, so please like and share when you see them.

The core organizers will also start reaching out to those who had interest in Sponsorship, as we will need to solidify our hosting situation pretty soon for all this to even occur.

Please reach out to Ever, at, or Stephanie, at if you're interested in helping out financially.

Until next time!

If you have any urgent questions or comments about this newsletter, please e-mail Ever Wolfsbane at
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