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Hello and welcome to IsekaiCon's newsletter!

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Hello all! It's been a little bit since the last newsletter, so this one is packed full of info.


The Time Approaches

We are just a little less of month away from IsekaiCon! The convention starts at 12 PM EST on July 17th and ends July 18th at 11 PM EST.

We could use some help spreading the word. If you'd like to promote IsekaiCon as an attendee, feel free to download and use this image created to be shared across social media.

Help Needed!

As we have drawn closer to the convention, we have learned that we need additional help during the event. If you are interested and able to volunteer even an hour to helping IsekaiCon July 17 - 18th, visit our new page detailing our volunteer opportunities.

What's New


We've confirmed our final exhibitors for 2020. Please congratulate our 50+ exhibitors!

We're in the Press!

We also have some exciting news... We made it into the press! Please read and share our article written by Dana Forsythe, posted on SyFy Wire.

Anime Watch Party

Using a platform called, IsekaiCon will be streaming anime through the entirety of the convention. Please vote for your favorites, if you're interested in watching some anime with us! More info can be found on our website under "Activities" > "Anime"


We are currently finalizing our panel schedule and will be announcing more activities planned for the event very soon. Stay tuned!

Until next time!

If you have any urgent questions or comments about this newsletter, please e-mail Ever Wolfsbane at
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